Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

CONSPECTUS Services Ltd Data Protection Policy

Please find below brief information about:

  • what data we collect about you,
  • the purposes for which your data are used,
  • persons having access to your data,
  • the rights and guarantees that the GDPR provides you as a personal data subject.

The Conspectus Services Ltd office in Nicosia (Cyprus) is the controller of your personal data.

Conspectus Services Ltd collects the following data about you:

  • Identification data, such as name, sex, age/date of birth, title, place of birth, contact details including address (private and professional), phone number (private and professional), email (private and professional),
  • signature,
  • job position,
  • nationality or civil status,
  • photograph,
  • passport information or other national identification number,
  • tax identification
  • “politically exposed person” status, criminal convictions,
  • source of wealth and source of funds,
  • other data that may be necessary in certain cases or relevant to provision of our services (e.g. personal bank account and financial information etc.).

These data are used for:

Data protection laws say that we are allowed to use personal information (including sharing such information with third parties) where we have a proper reason to do so.

Accordingly we must have one or more of the following reasons:

  • provision of our services to you or to the entity/entities you represent;
  • fulfilling of legal obligations based on agreements or other arrangements with you or the entity/entities you represent;
  • fulfilling our legal duty;
  • for any other legitimate business purposes*, such as:
    • managing and coordinating our relationship with you or the entity/entities you represent;
    • replying to your questions or requests;
    • requiring your feedback on our offers, and other information or communication including on the legal services we provide;
    • providing you with legal alerts, brochures, publications by Conspectus Services Ltd, meeting requests, as well as presenting special offers of our services.

(*) Our legitimate interest is when we have a business or commercial reason to use the information. However, it must not unfairly go against what is right and best for you

Conspectus Services Ltd stores the data collected about you for as long as required to perform the purposes for which the data was collected, depending on the legal basis on which that data was obtained and/or whether additional legal/regulatory obligations mandate that we retain the personal information. In general terms, this will mean that personal information will be kept for the duration of our relationship and

  • the period required by tax, company and financial services laws and regulations; and
  • as long as it is necessary for individuals to be able to bring a claim against us and for us to be able to defend ourselves against any legal claims. This will generally be the length of the relationship plus the length of any applicable statutory limitation period under applicable law.

It may differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction however, in the majority of cases, this will be during our relationship and then for 10 years after the end of the relationship. In certain circumstances, data may need to be retained for a longer period of time, for example, where we are in ongoing correspondence or there is a continuing claim or investigation

Your data is accessible to Conspectus Services Ltd, to related companies (e.g. entities belong to the same group as Conspectus), to their management, employees and contractual partners, in particular if they need them for fulfilling legal obligations. The term “contractual partners” means providers that, based on commercial arrangements with Conspectus Services Ltd, participate in the provision of services to Conspectus Services Ltd clients. The term also means providers of services in favor of Conspectus Services Ltd or any of its related entities (from the same group as Conspectus) in order to fulfil contractual and legal obligations (such as tax advisors, accountants, IT service providers, servicing organizations and all other entities from the same Group to which Conspectus belongs to).

Based on the applicable legislation or request of public authorities, your data may also be accessible to public authorities.

By contacting Conspectus Services Ltd via e-mail, you may exercise the following rights provided to you by the GDPR, i.e., you may:

  • request access to your data;
  • request rectification of your data;
  • request erasure of your data from our database;
  • cancel (withdraw) your consent to the processing of your data;
  • request a restriction on the processing of your data;
  • request a transfer of your data to another controller,
  • object to the processing of your data.

Please note that if we, upon your request, erase your data from our database, we will keep only the information that may be necessary for protecting our legitimate interests or for public authorities.

If you require us to transfer your data to another controller, rectify your data or provide access to it, we may first require further information in order to verify your identity.

We keep the data and information provided by you confidential, in particular in accordance with the laws governing the legal profession in the countries our offices are located, and contractual arrangements with you or with the entity/entities you represent. We do not trade the data we have about you, and we do not make it commercially available to any other third party.

We have implemented organizational, administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your data from being disclosed to third parties.

If you are of the opinion that your rights related to the protection of your personal data were breached, you may submit a complaint to the relevant authority for the protection of personal data in your respective country (the country of your residence).

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address: if you have any questions to our Privacy Policy.