Conspectus can assist companies and individuals in constructing that tax strategy that will legally minimize their overall tax liability. In the modern era of business globalization, it is important to have tax advisors that are always kept up to date with the tax developments and can provide timely, clear and cost effective solutions that are in compliance with the continuously changing international tax environment. Our tax background and experience enable us to offer unprecedented tax services some of which are:
Tax planning
By utilizing our experience and knowledge of tax treaties, local and international tax laws we structure tax solutions that take into consideration each clients’ special needs and characteristics and which may involve Cyprus and several other tax jurisdictions with the ultimate purpose of optimizing all the available tax advantages.
Strategic Tax Planning
We can provide tax advice on strategic decisions such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Group Reorganizations and re-domiciliation.
Tax Opinions
Assessment of an intended tax structure involving Cyprus and identification of all substantial Cyprus tax consequences
Tax Rulings
Upon a specific request from a client, we can request and obtain a tax ruling from the Income Tax Office
Tax Certificates
We arrange with the Inland Revenue to issue a “tax residence certificate” which is a proof that the company is managed and controlled from Cyprus, thus subject to tax in Cyprus for its worldwide income
Tax Clearance Certificates
We can arrange for a tax clearance certificate for dissolving companies
Corporate Tax Compliance
-Preparation of Tax computations and company tax returns -Review of tax provisions for management and reporting purposes -Assistance in preparing tax provisions for financial statements -Liaising with the local tax authorities
Personal Tax Planning and Compliance
-Personal Tax Planning -Assistance in preparation of tax returns -Submission of tax returns to the Inland Revenue -Advice and preparation of capital statements

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