Managing your wealth and finances is an enormously complex job and few people have all the necessary skills needed. By leveraging years of experience in investment analysis and decades of market practice, our team of experts can deliver peace of mind financial and wealth solutions suited for individuals, families and businesses.

“Let us take your Private Banking activities to the next level”

Although Private Bankers treat equally all their clients, it is always better when on the other line is someone with a long standing experience in the Banking sector. We use our extensive banking knowledge to guide you through those products and services that will better service your needs. Whether you are an individual or a corporation we can assist you with your Private Banking activities in one of the following ways:

  • Establish and manage Banking relations in Cyprus and abroad
  • Periodical evaluation of Banking relations in terms of charges, reliability and efficiency
  • Monitor transactions execution
  • Analyze and advice on the various investment products offered by private bankers
  • Negotiate Fees and Commissions
  • “Sound cash management and thorough risk control is the cornerstone of any successful corporation”

    The goal of most Treasury departments is to manage the assets and liabilities in a way that optimizes company liquidity, invests wisely any excess cash and mitigates the associated financial risks. We can either assume full responsibility of your Treasury & Risk management operations, or we can work closely with your Finance department on any of the below:

  • Cash and Liquidity management
  • Funding strategies
  • Advice on potential investments in Money Markets and Capital Markets
  • Maintain all domestic and international banking accounts
  • Manage relations with Bank service providers
  • “We want to become pioneers in providing financial consultation for individuals”

    In the modern era of specialization, people spend a great amount of money to obtain professional consultation for matters falling outside the sphere of their expertise. Paradoxically, when it comes to managing their own finances, many people believe that with a little bit of ad hoc studying and planning they can reach their financial goals on their own. They could not have been more wrong.

    We intend to become pioneers and change the way people manage their finances so far. Our vision is to make people entrust Conspectus as their personal money coach, helping them make intelligent financial choices during all stages of their life.Depending on your life stage, the size of your wealth and the complexity of your financial affairs we can offer financial consulting in one of two ways:

  • Simple once off advice
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning and periodic review of your goals, financial position and strategy
  • A financial plan will be your guide throughout the next few decades and will be updated as your stage of life changes. Each plan resamples the clients’ unique needs, it is constructed by applying a holistic analysis of the client financial situation and it is based on the concept of a Financial Planning Pyramid.

    “Our mission is to empower clients to successfully manage their wealth”

    By leveraging years of investment analysis and decades of market practice, our team of experts can deliver peace of mind wealth preservation solutions suited for individuals, families and businesses. Since diversification is the cornerstone of wealth preservation, we advise clients to spread their wealth in a number of Investment Managers and Financial products across several jurisdictions. Once the desired Investment Strategy is implemented, we coordinate with the various managers and private bankers to keep track of your performance and to ensure consistency with the stated objectives. Lastly, we stay current with the economic environment to assess the need of an asset allocation rebalancing.

    Although the internal mechanism used for obtaining a cost efficient and effective Investment Strategy is a rather complicated process, our front end process as described above can be easily followed by our clients. In its simplest form it includes:

  • Designing the Investment Plan
  • Implementing the Investment Strategy
  • Monitoring and Review of the Investment Strategy Performance
  • “An innovative service that offers private individuals the ability to access their entire wealth picture in a single report”

    With data and statements rolling in every month from various providers, keeping track of your aggregated financial position can turn into a time consuming and confusing task. We have created a reporting tool that consolidates assets and liabilities held with different banks, custodians, product providers and investment managers. This state of the art tool can even accommodate non-bankable asset classes like properties, private equity, art and other valuables. No matter how extensive is the span of your wealth, our consolidated reporting service can save you valuable time and help you better manage your finances while retaining your data secured and confidential. Simply put, what can be measured can be managed.

    “We can help you determine the fair market value of a company or an investment product”

    Pricing of Investment Products

    Our knowledge and long standing experience with investment products pricing can assist businesses and private clients obtain an accurate and independent assessment on the applicability and proper pricing of any investment product. Our independence simply means that we are not employees of a bank, insurance company, brokerage firm, mutual fund etc. and therefore we have no obligations to promote investment products that are manufactured by the parent or subsidiary business entities.

    Company Valuation

    Whether you intend to acquire another company, sell your own, or make a case as part of a legal dispute we can assist you in calculating the value of the company under question by implementing company valuation models that follow international standards.

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